Our home furnishings page is one of our favorites! (Don’t tell the other categories, ok?) We at Hoppingo at firmly believe that the home is a reflection of who we are. So if you’re a firecracker and your home looks like it just doused your spark with a whole lot of cold water, we suggest you go through this page! Our aim is to make this page a Mecca for interior design.

Looking to change up the big stuff like bringing in a new bed, a brand new sofa set, a dining table or a big couch to be the central piece of your living room?We have you covered. No challenge is too big for the Internet, an entire home can be furnished with brand new furniture with a few scrolls and clicks.

But if you are looking for small tweaks that bring out huge changes, we are into that as well. A table here, an ottoman there, a lamp here and some home décor accents there and you can truly transform something drab into something fab.But it isn’t just for those looking for furniture online, this page is good for anyone looking for a whole range of home interiors.

We understand that online furniture shopping can be a bit intimidating, especially because not all of us are good at imagining a space with all the colors, themes and textures. One good rule of thumb is to know your own sensibilites well and choose everything including that TV stand, those dining chairs and your kitchen set staying true to that. We are not suggesting that you go all matchy-matchy with your entire house, but a little study of shades of wood and colors that go with it will really help you. A fun thing to try is also to have themes that are contained per room. So, an idea that orignated with your living room furniture does not necessarily have to reflect in the bedroom furniture. So ‘wishlist’ all that you like first and then move on to thinking about how the pieces will go together. It really is quite an interesting exercise, especially if you love home furnishings as much as we do! We day-dream about these things. We pretty much love thinking about coffee tables and sofa beds, furniture designs and dining table sets. So you know this list is going to be all that and much more.

We have scanned through online furniture stores, looked at everything from stuff for the home to office furniture, even done a double check on everything from sofa set prices to quality and that is why we are so proud of our home furnishings page on Hoppingo. And even if you aren’t looking for home furniture and accents, just looking makes you feel like all your troubles have melted away, doesn’t it?


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