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With a plethora of fashion services offered today both online and offline, staying in vogue is a duck soup. Clothing trends have always varied since time immemorial, ranging from peplos (ancient clothing) to palazzos, skater dresses, suspenders etc. Adding on to the charm of clothing are an assortment of fashion accessories such as jewelry, footwear, bags and so on. Read Now

Exclusive: Online fashion discovery platform Hoppingo gets under $100K

Delhi-based Survar Media Pvt. Ltd, which runs online fashion discovery platform Hoppingo, has raised its second round of funding from one of the country's top affiliate marketing networks, a top company executive told VCCircle. Read More

#Fundingwire: TabSquare Raises $2.75M in Series A; vCommission Backs Hoppingo

Delhi-based Survar Media Pvt. Ltd, which runs online fashion discovery platform Hoppingo, has raised $89K in its second round of funding from Gurgaon-based vCommission. Read More

Deals RoundUp: TinyOwl Shuts Operations; Hoppingo Raises Rs 60 lakh; Eatonomist Gets Seed Round and More

TinyOwl has reportedly shut down its operations in 17 cities except some areas of Mumbai; Hoppingo has raised Rs 60 lakh from Gurgaon based vCommission; Eatonomist secured seed round and Flipkart’s Sharat Singh has quit within six months. Read More

India Dealbook: Eatonomist, Hoppingo and EduRev raise funding

Hoppingo, a Delhi-based fashion discovery platform, has received $89,000 from Gurgaon-based vCommission, a subsidiary of Adways VC India Pvt Ltd. Read More

Exclusive: Fashion discovery platform Hoppingo raises second round of funding

Online fashion discovery platform Hoppingo, which is operated by Delhi-based Survar Media Pvt. Ltd, has raised its second round of funding from one of the country’s top affiliate marketing networks, a top company executive told Read More

The company announced a funding round of US$89,000 from Gurgaon-based online advertising network vCommission.

Hoppingo is an online curator. This portal takes its pick from a whole lot of ecommerce stores and aggregates it for you. From women and men’s fashion to electronics, home furnishing, and baby products, Hoppingo covers the whole gamut. It also has blog posts on lifestyle-related topics – they call it “shopping wisdom.” Read More

How Indore's unique IIT-IIM blend is spurring entrepreneurship

When Sonam Jain and husband Pranjal decided to give up their jobs in Mumbai and start their own big data intelligence product company Ideata Analytics in 2013, Indore seemed to be the best choice.For two pretty straightforward reasons: both had grown up in that city; and both graduated from engineering colleges there. Read More

Backed by an angel investment of 60 lakhs, this duo is trying to better your online shopping experience

As a college student, Swati Gauba had always tried to challenge the status quo wherever she saw fit. Hailing from a family entrenched in business, she wanted to start something on her own as well. But this innate shopaholic got cracking only while window shopping on an e-commerce platform. Read Now

Backed by an investment of 6 million, these guys are changing the way you shop online

Shopping in India has changed. We used to run from shop to shop grabbing our purses. Now we click our way to buying stuff.Swati Gauba, a self confessed online shopping addict, was bothered by this too.Conventional online shopping was limiting in a way that finding the best was an irksome process as online searches.Read Now

Hoppingo - online curated store

Swati Gauba is an ardent online shopper and was in love with the fact that she could order anything and everything at a click of a button. While browsing through the same sites again and again, she felt the need to see more. She couldn’t find any way of discovering products and websites like the way she could discover restaurants on Zomato. Read Now