Everyday Staples

Know Your Shopkeeper!

GenX, globalization, street-smart - new to these terms? Not really, right? But what about 'LeCalle', (The Street' in Spanish), 'Chikka Deal', or 'Gleamberry'? That's the tragedy of being lost in the digital herd! These are great e-stores with some astonishing products but e-buyers are ignorant because they are spoilt for choice by the giants who have made their presence felt in a big way by resorting to mammoth commercials! We decided to extend more than an arm to get these e-stores their worth in abundance. Team Hoppingo has connected with these unsung heroes, learnt about their humble beginnings, their struggle and decided that these e-stores have to be a part of our lives! 'It's all about bringing them to the fore, into the limelight and sharing their saga & offerings so that the next time you shop, these names ring a bell. If it's all about showmanship to acquire trust, so be it ... These folks are as innovative and as authentic as the biggies.

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